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Add Books Manually & Add Missing Book Covers

New BooksTwo "Add" functions are available on BookLikes from today:  add books manually and add book covers.


From now on it doesn’t matter if you want to shelve unpublished books or self-published or from a local bookstore, now you can put on your Shelf all books ever existed. It’s called manual book adding. We have it online!


If you don’t find a desirable book in a search box you can easily ‘create’ a book from the scratch.



Click on “Add new book” after no results were found and fill up the necessary information of Book Title, Book Author, Book Cover, Book Description and ISBN. Click “Add Book” and add it to you bookshelf or create a post.



Second “add” function is about missing book covers. If some books on your Shelf lack covers, you can add them manually too. Click on a green book (no cover) and ‘Add cover' underneath it. Then choose image from your computer and voila. The book looks perfect with cover of your choice!



So what book will you add first?

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PM Your Friends on BookLikes - Personal Messages Are On


Stay in touch with your friends, favorite authors and other bloggers on BookLikes. Now you can PM each other and send private notes.


All you have to do is to select your addressee, write message and send. It all can be done on Message Page where you can search through a list of your BookLikes friends - write username or blog title. To reset addressee click New Message and enter different username or blog name of your friend on BookLikes.


To go to PM Page, click envelope icon on the upper navigation bar. 



Each of you has three options from whom you would like to receive messages

   - from your followings only,

   - from your followers only,

   - from your followings and followers.


Personal Messages settings are available on PM Page where you can select the option that fits you, look through your messages history and create new ones. You can also manage your messages notification. 


More improvements and features for PMs are in progress. 



To gain new readers and followings write and update your blog and bookshelf regularly. Find new interesting blogs on Explore page, select your favorite literary genre and follow new book blogs. If you're an author stay in touch with your new readers, you can also set up giveaways and set up discussion rooms.


P.S. If you're an author on BookLikes and we didn't get in touch with you yet, let us know at We have some goodies for you :-)

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This has just popped up on my Facebook page and I had to share it. 

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Re-Posting: Review Posting Tips on Booklikes

 Just some things I've found useful posting my reviews.  Brief explanations follow with more detailed how-to's with screenshots when you click "read more."


  • Change the "Post date" field to be the date read to avoid flooding the dashboard feed (and your own blog page and timelines) with hundreds or thousands of reviews being moved over from other book sites.


  • Put a unique tag on your reviews so you can find them; for example, I'm adding a "Reviews from Spurts" tag (apostrophes and other punctuation can cause issues).




 *adapted from tip in 

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Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers - Nora Roberts

This is my first Norah Roberts book. I've read all of her J.D.Robb books but somehow never managed to read anything under her real name. Definitely a different writing style. I really liked the paranormal aspects in this book but it did seem to drag a bit. But it is the first book in the trilogy so there is quite a bit of back history being explained & the story line being set up for the following books. It starts out in Hawkins Hollow with 3 boys going on an overnight camping trip into the woods for their 10th birthday.The boys (Caleb-Fox-Gage) perform a bonding ceremony at midnight where they cut their wrist & hold them together to create a Blood Brother Bond. Unfortunately the blood drips onto the stone & unleashes a demon & the original guy that trapped him several hundred years ago. Then we jump forward 21 years to the present. This book mainly centers around Caleb & Quinn who has come to town to write a book about all the unexplained acts that have been going on in the hollow every 7 years I like Quinn she definitely has her own opinions & stands up for them. We're also introduced to Layla & Cybil. As it progresses the ladies start doing more research & realize that they are descendants from the demon & the men are descendants from Giles Dent & Ann Hawkins. Giles is the original guy that trapped the demon. From my perspective there was not a lot of action in this book so it did drag for me.  I am going to continue with the trilogy hoping that because most of the set up has been done that there is more action in the next book 

How To Tame A Willful Wife

How to Tame a Willful Wife - Christy English

This was a fun book to read. The antics of the heroine Caroline Montague after her father marries her off to Anthony Carrington are a treat to read. Anthony thinks he is going to guide & tell her what to do after all isn't that what all husbands should do. He quickly finds out that this is not the case with Caroline. What follows after the marriage is a light hearted romp through regency England. Caroline comes into the marriage already knowing how to fence-skilled in the use of daggers & of all things wearing britches & rides astride of her horse Hercules. Anthony is having none of this his wife is going to be decorous & an asset to the the Earldom. If you're looking for a light hearted romance & a fun read I highly recommend this book.

Shelf, Writing Reviews & Reblog Updates


We're making organizing your books and writing reviews easier and faster. Today's Thursday release includes several updates concerning exclusive statuses, your reviews and reblogs.


On Your Shelf


NEW: Change shelf into exclusive status


Form now on you can change existing thematic shelf into exclusive status. Then the books will be shelved only with this exclusive status (former shelf) and any other default status (read, planning to read, currently reading) will be removed. This means that you don't have to manually reset the default statuses, it will be done automatically. 


To Change the existing thematic shelf into exclusive status, point on the shelf name and click the icon .




This change works in both ways. This means that you can make new status (former shelf) a thematic shelf again. However, the default statuses will not be brought back. Be careful and double check that you really want to change the chosen shelf into exclusive status and reset default statuses. 


Here are several other options available on your Shelf page:


1. Create exclusive status


You can still add new status to your Shelf (e.g.: Re-read) and shelve new book with this status. Here's how:

1. Just create new status (click +add exclusive status, type name and Enter).

2. Search for a book in search box on the top, click on it and select "Add to bookshelf" in book pop up.

3. Select new status in Edit Statuses sector and Save. 




If you don't want to change the whole shelf into new status, you can manually reset default status on several books and keep those books with new status only. If you wan to reset the default status follow these steps:


1. Create new exclusive status on your Shelf page 

2. Click on the book on your Shelf.

3. Edit your statuses and select the one that fits you.

4. Click on the default status.

5. Click on the green default status on tab in book pop up - it will go white (deactivated).

6. Save.

Below are screens that show how it looks like in the pop up.


Default Read and Exclusive: 

Exclusive only:


2. Create thematic shelves


Thematic shelves help you to organize your books and keep those from the same series, author, genre together. To add new thematic shelves: click +Add new Shelf, type name and hit Enter. Then click on book on your Shelf and Edit shelves in book pop up. Remember to Save.


You can also rename and remove thematic shelves.

Hover over the Shelf name and you'll see two icons: "x" and little pencil. When you click on a pencil, you'll be able to edit shelf's name and if you select 'x', you'll delete the shelf. Your books will not be deleted, the books will stay on your Shelf page with default status but not on the thematic shelf (it will be gone). 



3. Table view


Table view shows your books in a list an has numerous edit options:


- Add to Shelves: You can select several books and add them to a given thematic shelf or change status.

- Sort by: You can sort by author, title, add date, read date, ratings and cover to add missing cover images.

Remove selected: You can delete several books from your shelf, they will be removed from your shelf page permanently. 

- Add: you can add ratings, shelves to single book, read date, review. 




NEW: You can Go from your Shelf straight into Review writing mode. 


Now when you want to create a review straight from your Shelf, the rating stars marked on your Shelf will be auto-transferred to your writing mode and the text will be automatically marked as a Review


You can uncheck the review marker and change ratings any time in the writing mode. 


Reblog update


We made reblogs more transparent. From now on every time you reblog a given post (review, text, photo, quote, URL, video) an information about it and a link to original author of the post will be given on the top


More updates concerning reblogs are also in progress. As well as many many more :-)

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The Viper

The Viper - Monica McCarty

I started this book & couldn't put it down until I finished. Lachlan MacRuairi also known as Viper is part of the Highland Guard for Robert Bruce King of Scotland. As this book starts he is going after Isabella who has been held in captivity for the last 4 years. Lachlan has feelings for Isabella that he just doesn't want to admit too. He claims that this will be his last mission for the King before he goes off to live on his own island alone for some peace & quiet. He also feels guilty that Isabella was captured because he was drunk & not paying attention so the English followed him back to where they were hiding. There's plenty of action & intrigue to keep you interested in the book & not want to put it down. I loved the non stop action & reading about the highlands. Miss McCarty does her research & it shows in her books this is the 4th book in the Highland Guard Series. For anybody that loves bad boys wearing kilts then you'll love this book. Enjoy

Unable to change my background

I followed Booklikes Tips to upload my pic for my background & changed the HTML from repeat to fixed & saved. But it is not changing. I followed it step by step & it shows my pic in customization but as soon as I go back to my blog nothing has changed. I am so frustrated. Can anyone help with this Pretty Please ? Thank You in advance for all your help.

Hi Everyone

The more I look around the more I am enjoying myself here. I am so glad I found BookLikes. I'm a new reviewer so bear with me as I learn how to do this & hopefully get better. I'm an introvert so it's nice to have my own little blog & an easier way to meet like minded people. So Big Wave to everyone & hope you all have a great day.

Summon The Keeper

Summon the Keeper - Tanya Huff

I loved the dry humor in this book & the cat rocked. Austin the cat was definitely 1 of my favorite characters in this book. Claire & Austin are summoned to a run down bed & breakfast & then get tricked into taking it over by a rotten little man. What follows is so much fun. Dean the handyman adds to the fun. We also have Jacques the ghost. Claire starts developing feelings for Dean & Jacques which she tries to keep to herself because she believes that keepers should never be involved with anyone. The snarky comments from the cat along with Claire battling the evil in the basement who is also talking to her are a riot. I had so much fun reading this book & will definitely be continuing the series. If you like magic & ghosts with a lot of humor than I recommend checking out this book enjoy. 

Secrets of a Summer Night

Secrets of a Summer Night - Lisa Kleypas

This is the first book in the Wallflower Series. Annabelle Peyton has been a wallflower for a number of years & has spent several of those years sitting beside the same ladies. Finally they start talking to each other & vow to help each other find husbands. Annabelle is becoming quite desperate as this will be the last year that she can attend the season. Her family is pretty much broke. Thus the journey begins where the wallflowers take London by storm. They are Annabelle-Lillian-Evangeline-& Daisy. How Simon Hunt goes about wooing Annabelle & the antics of the wallflowers makes for a fun read. This is my first book by this author & I am so glad that she was recommended to me. I really enjoy Lisa Kleypas's style of writing. I would highly recommend this series for anybody looking for a great historical romance as I was.

Captured by the Highlander

Captured by the Highlander - Julianne MacLean

This is the first book in the series. I really liked Duncan he is definitely a swoon worthy hero. However I had a bit of a problem with Lady Amelia. I didn't find her very believable. Also the fact of how many times he left her untied after he had stolen her wasn't very believable either. You really had to suspend a lot of belief with this book especially the era it was set in (1716 Scotland). Duncan MacLean sneaks into the fort expecting to kill Richard Bennett. Instead he finds Lady Amelia in Richards bed so he takes her out of revenge & to use as bait to lure Richard to him. Richard had raped & killed Duncan's fiance Muira. This was not a bad book just some of the actions of the H & H weren't very believable for that time in history. But if you're looking for a light romantic read this is the book for you.

War Declared: Goodreads vs. BookLikes, Or how Goliath beats on David

Yesterday Goodreads threw the first punch, simultaneously insulting their users' intelligence. They announced BookLikes was responsible for reviews deleted that were not targeted as part of their new policy. And yet, in Kara's following comments, she admits there is also a bug deleting reviews.


(Click to see the thread in which these posts were made)


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Batch edits - where to find them and how do you eat that?

I wrote this (like most of my obvious tutorial posts) because disturbingly large amount of people keeps asking about it. If it's obvious for you, don't hate me, just move along. Here's a nice page brake so it doesn't take up your feed ^^


Yes, you can edit entire shelves at once!


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Please spread this everywhere. Reblog, reblog!
Please spread this everywhere. Reblog, reblog!
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