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There's nothing better than reading. I read everyday. I've always got a book in hand or my ipad. I love to explore new authors & books.

Thankless in Death - J.D. Robb

Once again another great book from Miss Robb. I've yet to read one of the In Death that was not well worth my time. I hope that there are many more to come. Granted this one was a little different due to the fact it was written around Thanksgiving. But it was so much fun to connect with all my old friends in the series & get another peak at Roarke's family. Thank You for another great book.

Dark Lycan (Carpathian) - Christine Feehan

Once again another amazing book from Miss Feehan. It was a lotta fun to reconnect with old friends & to meet new ones. This is the story of Tatijana & Fenris. They turn out to be lifemates. We have a new twist with this one as Fenris is half Lycan. I really like the new turn the book has taken with the Carpathians. It was a joy to see Tatijana find her lifemate after all the years she & her sister spent encased in ice by their father. The way Fenris responded to her & treated her is very heartwarming.Another great addition to the series & well worth reading. I am really looking forward to the next one Dark Wolf & have already preordered. Thank You Miss Feehan for the many hours of enjoyment that I have spent with this series & all your others. Looking forward to many more.

Pride and Pleasure - Sylvia Day

I found this a bit slow moving at times & had a really hard time connecting with the characters. Not a bad book. Just found Jasper & Eliza both a bit snobbish & hard to like. It got better towards the end.

The Chief - Monica McCarty

I thoroughly enjoyed the start to this new series. New for me. I was looking for some Highland-Celtic romances & had a friend recommend Monica McCarty to me & I'm really glad she did. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks

Once again Maya has written a wonderful story. It was an absolute joy to read the story of Genevieve & Bowen. It was heartbreaking what Genevieve had to go thru to get to her HEA. Bowen was so sweet to her. I highly recommend this book to anybody that loves Highlander Romances well worth your time.

The Eternal Highlander - Hannah Howell, Lynsay Sands

I would have rated this book higher if it wasn't for the language barrier. I love Hannah Howells writing style & immensely enjoy her books. But the use of all the supposedly Scottish language makes for a very hard read & continually throws you out of the story.

Masked by Moonlight - Nancy Gideon

What a rockin start to the Moonlight Series. This was a re-read for me from our BOM in Nancy Gideon's Group.What a joy to revisit the characters Max & CeeCee. Nancy is a very talented author. She gets your interest right at the start & keeps you to the very end. I'm not going to go into a big review since others have already done that. If you love PNR (Paranormal Romance) this series is well worth reading. I highly recommend this series. Enjoy

The Bite That Binds (Deep In Your Veins, #2) - Suzanne  Wright

What a great book. Grabs you right from the start & keeps you till the end. I would recommend this book to anybody that likes Vampires

ASMODEUS: Demon of Lust Part 2

ASMODEUS: Demon of Lust Part 2 - Sara  Humphreys

Kai & Asmodeus are fleeing for their lives after finding out that Ben the real estate agent that was helping her with her grandfathers house is a Fae & wants the ring. Unfortunately he's also willing to kill to get it. Asmodeus decides to take Kai to Isadora who's a powerful witch & a previous lover. He's hoping that Isadora can help to get the ring off Kai's finger as it will not come off now. Isadora decides to take them to the witches council to see if they can help. There the sparks really start to fly as Asmodeus has already had a run in with the council & Lucifer was in an on again-off again relationship with one of the head council witches (Willow) & it was currently off. They decide to see Kai & awaken her dormant powers. Fantastic world building & great character building makes for a fantastic read. Well Done Sara really looking forward to the next part.

ASMODEUS: Demon of Lust Part 1 - Sara  Humphreys

Kai Kelly inherits her grandfather's old house in Magic Valley. As she never met her grandfather she decides that she is going to just clean it out & sell the place. When she's cleaning out the attic she comes across a box that is nailed shut. When she pries it open she finds pics of her dead grandmother & mother when she was little. At the bottom of the box she finds a small bag with a ring in it when she slips it on then the fun begins. Suddenly a major disturbance goes thru hell & the demons realize that their life running the place might just be over. Because whoever has the ring can control hell. Lucifer gets just a wee bit spooked & sends the head demons to earth to get the ring back. Asmodeus the demon of lust gets dropped in Magic Valley but has 1 minor drawback Lucifer made them all human when he sent them to earth but he was nice enough to give Asmodeus a Harley too make up for it. Asmodeus can feel the draw of the ring so he starts hunting. He thinks it's going to be really easy to get the ring when he catches up with Kai because after all she is a woman & he is a demon of lust. Poor Asmodeus finds out just how wrong he is. Kai is not the pushover that he would like her to be. On top of that a fairy gets thrown into the mix & Kai finds out she is half fairy also. Asmodeus is really starting too get panicked because him & fairies don't get along.Well lets just say it starts to get a little hot on earth instead of hell. A great short read with excellent character development & a fun start to a great book. I highly recommend it.

Hungry Like a Wolf (Others) - Christine Warren

I am a big fan of Christine Warren. I love the Other's Series & this one to me didn't disappoint. It was really wonderful to see Logan find his mate (Honor Tate). Yes the pair of them should have figured out the solution to the alpha problem sooner but if you're involved in a mating frenzy the big head's not exactly thinking straight if you get my drift. For me another winner & I would recommend this to anybody that loves PNR.

MacRieve - Kresley Cole

What a fantastic book. I really loved this one I think out of all of them it's my favorite. MacRieve & Chloe's story really sizzled. And of course we got Nix in here up to her naughty tricks again. Kresley just keeps getting better with every book. If you love PNR then I highly recommend this series (Immortals After Dark). The cliff hanger at the end left us set up for Munro's story. He's MacRieve's brother. The only major complaint I have is waiting for the next book. So write really fast Ms. Cole (grins) thank You for another amazing book.

Tangled - Emma Chase

What a fun book. Miss Chase does an amazing job of writing from a man's POV. At first I was thinking what a jerk by the end of the book I was cheering him on. Drew goes from being a player to realizing he had heaven in his arms with Kate if he hadn't screwed it up so badly. It details his journey from meeting her too how he has to work at making it right. Drew has never had to do this as women have always fallen at his feet. The ways he goes about this had me laughing so hard I was crying. He even gets a Nun involved. I highly recommend this book. If you're looking for fun-laughter & romance then this book is for you. Enjoy I sure did.

Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar - Lexi George

What a fun book. I love Miss George's sense of humor. The characters in the book are a riot. We have a vegan zombie-piano playing ghost & a wampus kitty. This book is Beck & Conall's story. Beck is a half demon barkeeper who also owns the bar that caters to demonoid people. Conall is the head of the Dalvahni army that hunts demons thru dimensions. Conall is lurking on Beck because he can't figure out how demonoid people can be good when the demon's are so bad. Oh my how the sparks fly between Beck & Conall. This is the 3rd book in the series. 1st is Demon Hunting in Dixie-2nd is Demon Hunting in the Deep South. This can be a stand alone but I recommend starting at the beginning so you really know who all the characters are. If you want a fun read I really recommend this series. Enjoy.

Only Lycans Need Apply - Michele Bardsley

Michele has done it once again. I really enjoyed Moira & Drake's story. I really enjoy Michele's sense of humor. This time we are on a dig site in Egypt looking for the original 2 Vampires Amahte & Shamhat. Not that Moira finds that out until a couple weeks into the dig. Then she finds out about all kinds of paranormal beings. I don't want to say much more & spoil the story. I do recommend starting at the beginning of the series or you will be lost. All the books in the series are fantastic. I highly recommend them. Enjoy

Black Moon - J.D. Tyler

I had a hard time with this book too much angst. Kalen was constantly going back & forth. You would think because he found his mate Dr.Mackenzie Grant that he would try harder too straighten his life out. I found it hard too believe how many chances he was given at the compound when he kept putting their lives in jeopardy so many times. It was difficult to believe that they would allow him around their mates as shifters are very protective. There was just a little too much whining on Kalen's part all thru the book that made it very hard too finish. All in all not a really bad book but not my favorite out of the series.

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