Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers - Nora Roberts

This is my first Norah Roberts book. I've read all of her J.D.Robb books but somehow never managed to read anything under her real name. Definitely a different writing style. I really liked the paranormal aspects in this book but it did seem to drag a bit. But it is the first book in the trilogy so there is quite a bit of back history being explained & the story line being set up for the following books. It starts out in Hawkins Hollow with 3 boys going on an overnight camping trip into the woods for their 10th birthday.The boys (Caleb-Fox-Gage) perform a bonding ceremony at midnight where they cut their wrist & hold them together to create a Blood Brother Bond. Unfortunately the blood drips onto the stone & unleashes a demon & the original guy that trapped him several hundred years ago. Then we jump forward 21 years to the present. This book mainly centers around Caleb & Quinn who has come to town to write a book about all the unexplained acts that have been going on in the hollow every 7 years I like Quinn she definitely has her own opinions & stands up for them. We're also introduced to Layla & Cybil. As it progresses the ladies start doing more research & realize that they are descendants from the demon & the men are descendants from Giles Dent & Ann Hawkins. Giles is the original guy that trapped the demon. From my perspective there was not a lot of action in this book so it did drag for me.  I am going to continue with the trilogy hoping that because most of the set up has been done that there is more action in the next book