The Viper

The Viper - Monica McCarty

I started this book & couldn't put it down until I finished. Lachlan MacRuairi also known as Viper is part of the Highland Guard for Robert Bruce King of Scotland. As this book starts he is going after Isabella who has been held in captivity for the last 4 years. Lachlan has feelings for Isabella that he just doesn't want to admit too. He claims that this will be his last mission for the King before he goes off to live on his own island alone for some peace & quiet. He also feels guilty that Isabella was captured because he was drunk & not paying attention so the English followed him back to where they were hiding. There's plenty of action & intrigue to keep you interested in the book & not want to put it down. I loved the non stop action & reading about the highlands. Miss McCarty does her research & it shows in her books this is the 4th book in the Highland Guard Series. For anybody that loves bad boys wearing kilts then you'll love this book. Enjoy