Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar - Lexi George

What a fun book. I love Miss George's sense of humor. The characters in the book are a riot. We have a vegan zombie-piano playing ghost & a wampus kitty. This book is Beck & Conall's story. Beck is a half demon barkeeper who also owns the bar that caters to demonoid people. Conall is the head of the Dalvahni army that hunts demons thru dimensions. Conall is lurking on Beck because he can't figure out how demonoid people can be good when the demon's are so bad. Oh my how the sparks fly between Beck & Conall. This is the 3rd book in the series. 1st is Demon Hunting in Dixie-2nd is Demon Hunting in the Deep South. This can be a stand alone but I recommend starting at the beginning so you really know who all the characters are. If you want a fun read I really recommend this series. Enjoy.