ASMODEUS: Demon of Lust Part 1 - Sara  Humphreys

Kai Kelly inherits her grandfather's old house in Magic Valley. As she never met her grandfather she decides that she is going to just clean it out & sell the place. When she's cleaning out the attic she comes across a box that is nailed shut. When she pries it open she finds pics of her dead grandmother & mother when she was little. At the bottom of the box she finds a small bag with a ring in it when she slips it on then the fun begins. Suddenly a major disturbance goes thru hell & the demons realize that their life running the place might just be over. Because whoever has the ring can control hell. Lucifer gets just a wee bit spooked & sends the head demons to earth to get the ring back. Asmodeus the demon of lust gets dropped in Magic Valley but has 1 minor drawback Lucifer made them all human when he sent them to earth but he was nice enough to give Asmodeus a Harley too make up for it. Asmodeus can feel the draw of the ring so he starts hunting. He thinks it's going to be really easy to get the ring when he catches up with Kai because after all she is a woman & he is a demon of lust. Poor Asmodeus finds out just how wrong he is. Kai is not the pushover that he would like her to be. On top of that a fairy gets thrown into the mix & Kai finds out she is half fairy also. Asmodeus is really starting too get panicked because him & fairies don't get along.Well lets just say it starts to get a little hot on earth instead of hell. A great short read with excellent character development & a fun start to a great book. I highly recommend it.